Treatment of Syphilis

Photo credit: Kena Sen It is easy to cure syphilis at the early stage. You must consult your doctor or gynecologist immediately if you believe that you may have syphilis or if you have had sexual intercourse...
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Diagnosis of Syphilis

Photo Credit: Redeyeski Q Syphilis is sometimes referred to as “the great imitator” sometimes since its early symptoms are similar to indistinguishable from many other diseases. Since syphilis...
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What Are the Symptoms of Syphilis?

Photo Credit: Peter Fong Syphilis still is among the most common and more fatal sexually-transmitted diseases (STD). Though sometimes it is quite difficult to recognize but it can be easily treated. The...
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Syphilis the spirochete Treponema pallidum bacterium

What is Syphilis? Syphilis (pronounced: siff-ill-iss) is one of the most one of the more prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD). Syphilis is caused by a kind of bacteria known as a spirochete also...
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