What should a person do if exposed to someone with chancroid?

Photo credit: giantmike If a person finds himself or herself exposed to someone with Chancroid some necessary steps should be taken to cure or at least to prevent the disease. A person should abstinence...
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How is Chancroid treated?

Photo credit: Richard Tamayo Luckily Chancroid can be cured, if you treat it at the early stages. The treatment is done by antibiotics, when caught early. You will not spread the disease further if after...
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How can Chancroid be diagnosed?

Photo credit: What the hell is Bokeh? Symptoms of Chancroid generally appear within 10 days from the exposure. Chancroid hardly ever develops earlier than 3 days or later than ten days. The Chancroid...
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What is chancroid?

Photo credit: True Nature Productions… Chancroid (“shan-kroid”) is a little-known, highly contagious, yet curable sexually transmitted genital ulcer disease caused by the bacterium...
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